Life Sketch Of The Fourth Guru

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Guru Ram Dass Ji was the fourth Guru on the Gur-Gaddi of Guru Nanak. He was born at Chuna Mandi Lahore on Katik 2, Samat 1591. His father’s name was Hardass Sodhi and the mother’s Daya Kaur Ji. His parents died in his childhood. He was given the name Jetha by his parents. He used to sell grams at the village of his grandfather (Basarke). He came to Shri Goindwal Sahib with the followers of Shri Guru Amar Dass Ji. Here he served Guru Ji when the Bauli Sahib was being built. He also built a platform. Bibi Dani was married to Rama. Rama was also asked to make platform.

After three days he left the service but Shri Jetha Ji continued the job and according to the orders of Shri Guru Amar Das Ji carried on the work. On seeing his selfless service, Shri Guru Amardass Ji married his daughter Bibi Bhaniji to him. One day Shri Guru Amar Dass Ji was bathing, when all of a sudden the leg of the bathing stool broke and the nail pierced the hand of Bibi Bhani Ji, when she was trying to save Guru Ji from falling. Guru Ji blessed her, saying, “According to your wishes the Guru Gaddi Would continue in your family, but for this you will have to make sacrifices.” Tenth Guru Gobiod Singh Ji has also made reference in Shri Dasam Granth about Sodhi and Bedi clans.He had three sons named Prithi Chand, Mahadev, Shri Guru Arjan Dev Ji. In the memory of Guru Ji, Gurdwara Havaili Sahib is built. He got the Guru Gaddi on Bhadon Sudi 13, Samat 1631 at Shri Goindwal Sahib. Guru Ji offered five paise and a coconut. Baba Buddha Ji put tilak on his forehead.

Guru Ji built Shri Amritsar in Samat 1627. The story of Rajni and Pingla is famous. Raja Duni Chand of Patti had seven daughters. One day he asked them whether they took food from God or from him. Six of them replied that they got food from their father, but seventh named Rajni replied that she got all things from the Almighty God. On hearing this the Raja was annoyed and he married her with a Pingla. She served Pingia with devotion and used to go to Gurdwara.One day she went alone to nearby place and Pingla was sitting near Beri Dukh Bhanjni Sahib. When Pingla saw that after taking bath in the adjoining pond, the crows became swans, he also took bath and he was cured of his disease. When Bibi Rajni came, she was surprised on seeing the new person at the place of her husband Pingla. Shri Guru Ram Dass Ji blessed both of them. Guru Ji built a tank near Dukh Bhanjni Sahib. God was in the heart of Guru Ram Dass Ji. His beard was long.

One day Baba Shri Chand Ji questioned why was it so. He replied, “It is for dusting your feet.” On hearing this Baba Ji realized how noble the Guru Ji was. His verses are in the Guru Granth Sahib‘Four Lavan’ are very famous. These are sung at the time of marriage ceremony. Once Jogis met Guru Ji and Guru Ji explained his teachings to them. ‘Masands’ were appointed for preachings and kept ‘Golak’ in Gurudwara and also advised all the Sikhs that they should put one tenth of their income in Guru Ki Golak for the public welfare. Guru Ji left for his heavenly abode on Assu 2, Samat 1638 at Shri Goindwal Sahib and after him, Guru Arjan Dev Ji was appointed as the fifth Guru. Some important followers :- Bhai Gurdass Ji, Bhai Bhakari Ji, Bhai Adam Ji, Soman Sahah, Bhai Gurmukh, Taru, Bharu, Manak Chand and Maha Nand, etc. were blessed by Guru Ji.