Life Sketch Of The Seventh Guru

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“Remember Shri Har Rai” (Prayer)
Guru Har Rai Sahib was the 7th Guru on the Gaddi of Guru Nanak. His father’s name was Baba Gurditta Ji and mother’s name was Nihal Kaur Ji. Dhirmal was the elder brother of 7th Guru Ji. He was opposing Gurgaddi. Guruji was born on Magh Sudi 13, 1686 B. at Shri Kiratpur Distt. Ropar. Guru Ji was trained in education and defence studies under the control of his grand father the sixth Guru Hargobind Ji. One day Guru Ji was walking out in the garden of Shri Kartarpur Sahib then a strong wind started blowing Guru Ji’s flowlng garment destroyed some flowers. Guru Ji felt sorry for this. The sixth Guru said, Grandson, the feeling of the responsibility is the real humanity and tenderness.” He understood the policy of the Sixth Guru. The policy of Moghul emperor Shah Jahan was opposed to that of the Sikhs. Guruji advised his followers not to cooperate with the vile person. The house of Guru had no place for enemity. Those who came with true love were welcomed by the Guru. The son of Shahjahan, named Dara fell ill, Guruji was kind hearted and he gave the medicine from his dispensary. After taking the medicine he felt well. After this recovery Dara came to see Guruji at Shiri khaour Shaib. Guru Ji had always a force of 2200 horses and soldiers. Guruji brought up the animals in the garden of Kartarpur Sahib instead of killing them after hunting. Guru Ji married Sulakhani, daughter of Bhai Daya Ram Ji in U.P. He had two sons named Baba Ram Rai and Shiri Guru Harkishan Shaib Ji.

Some important followers:
Suthra Shah, Bhagal Bhagwan, Bhai Pheru, his free kitchen is important. Once bhal Kala alongwllh his two nephews named Phul and Sandli came to Guru Ji, when Guru Ji was preaching in Malwa. Phul and Sandh both Children were striking their bellies. Guru Ji asked, why were they doing like that. Kala replied, “there father named Rupchand had died, both were orphans and they wanted food and some blessings” After seeing their position, Guru Ji said, “Bhai Kala! one day they will be owners of this area and their horses will drink the water upto Jamuna. When they returned home, the wife of Kala also said to him,”You should also go to Guru Ji and request for his blessing to your sons.” Kala again went to Guru ji and requested him. Guru Ji said “That time has passed now, but they will also be the owner’s of the land and not pay any taxes.” Three states Patiala, Nabha and Jind are called Phulkian and Bahi as in the District of Ferozepur. Mata Tabo offered food. Some Hillrajas came to Guru Ji and being omniscient Guru Ji gave Parsad as desired by them. Guru ji called on Bhai Gonda. The names of four Masands were Behlo, Bbundar Punjab and Bhai Bhagtu had two sons, named Bhai Gaura Jiwan. Bhai Gaura had earned the displeasure of the Guru because he killed Bhai Jassa. But when Moghal attacked the family of Guru, Bhai Gaura saved the life of the family of the Guru Ji and thus saved himself.

The sixth Guru said to the seventh Guru the enemy would not reach you while attacking you. Guru Ji respected Gurbani and used to repeat the Gurmanter “Wahguru” and “Mool Mantar” God is one. Truth is His name. He is creator. He is self illuminated.By the grace of Guru.” Shabad Hazare were also recited in the Darbar. Ram Rai showed 72 miracles to Aurangzeb, changed the words of Gurbani and thus Guru ji refused to accept him. The 7th Guru Ji installed Guru Harkishan Ji on Gurgaddi on Katik Vadi 9, Samat 1718 and left for his heavenly abode at Shri Kiratpur, Patalpuri. The 7th Guru at the time of Gurgaddi offered five paise and coconut to 8th Guru as was done by the previous Guru Hargobind Ji. The ceremony was performed by Bhai Bhana Ji according to the wishes of the 6th Guru. There are twenty two hlstorloal places in Shri Kiratpur: Harimander Sahib, Siri Manjl Sahib, Shri Charan Kamal Sahib, Tomb of Baba Gurditta Ji and Tomb of Pir Budan Shah are the important places.