Life Sketch Of The Sixth Guru

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Guru Hargobind Ji was the sixth Guru on Guru Nanak’s Gaddi. Earlier the fifth Guru Arjan Dev Ji had no son. Once Mata Ganga Ji the wife of the fifth Guru went to the bir of Baba Buddha Ji with a great pomp and show to have his blessings. Baba Buddha Ji felt displeased and said, “What is going wrong at Ramdasspura” This came true at the time of the marriage of Bibi Viro, the sweets which were not given to Shikhs were taken away by the Mughals.

For the second time Mata Ganga Ji again went to Bir of Baba Buddha Ji according to the advice of the fifth Guru. She offered simple bread, onion, butter milk with great humility.Baba Ji was pleased and said, “God will bless you with such a powerful son who will crush the heads of the Mughals just as I am breaking the onion.” By the grace of Guru Nanak, the Prayer of Baba Ji was accepted and Guru Hargobind Ji born at Guru Ki Badali, District Amritsar, in Harh Vadi I, samat 1652 Here two flas, of Miri and Piri are flying. Guru Arjan Dev ji thanked the omnipresent Guru Nanak Ji with the song of Asa MahalIa 5 “Sat Gur Sache Diya Bhej.”

Uncle Prithi Chand and Aunt Karmo tried to kill Bal Guru Ji by enchantment, by giving poison mixed with curd by a Brahaman and also by midwife, by sending the poisonous snake into the room where Bal Guru was playing. All their efforts failed by the grace of God. Guru Ji thanked god by the following songs:-

1. Lep Na lago Tilka Mool (Bhairo Moballa 5)
2. Vich Karta Purakh Khaloa (Sorath Maballa 5)

Bal Guru Ji suffered from smallpox and the fifth Guru Ji sang “Tati Vau Na Lagyee Parbraham Sarnayee,” and some other songs (Bilaval Mahalia 5) of God were also uttered. By the grace of Waheguru, Guru Ji was soon hale and hearty. Baba Buddha Ji trained him in religion and in the art of warfare. He was installed on Gur Gaddi after the martyrdam of fifth Guru. Baba Buddha Ji wore him two swords. One of religion and other of politics and hence he was called the master of religion-politics. Guru Ji built “Shri Akal Takhat.” 500 youngmen offered their services. The force of 52 saint soldiers was formed. He had forces, huge drums were beaten, the flags were flown and songs of bravery were sung by Abdullah musician. Guru Ji had to prepare for religious wars in future, and the followers called him true emperor. Four religious wars were fought by the Guru Ji at the time of Shah Jahan Moghul emperor.

These are as follows:-
1. The battle of Amritsar Pipli Sahib with Mukhliskhan.
2. The battle of Hargobindpura with the Governor of Jullundur.
3. The battle of Gurusar Mehraj with Kamar Bag and Lal Bag.
4. The battle of Shri Kartarpur with Painda Khan Pathan disloyal and Kala Khan and also the of battle palahi near Phagwara. After the death of Jahangir the policy of Shah Jahan was anti-Sikh from the very beginning. The lives of Sikhs were in danger. The Guru Ji bad to fight against the tyrannical rulers, and he was victorious in all the battles, he fought.

Saint soldier Guru Ji had three wives. First was Shri Mata Damodari Ji the daughter of Narain Das of viltage Dalla. Two sons, Baba Gurditta Ji and Baba Ani Rai Ji and one dauguhter named Bibi Viro Ji were born to her. Next was Mata Nanaki Ji, the daughter of Hari Chand of village Bakata, who gave birth to two sons, named Baba Attal Ji and Shri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji. The third wife, Shri Mata Mahadevi Ji (Marvahi) was the daughter of Daya Ram of village MandaIi. She had a son named Surajmal Ji. Shri Mata Damodari Ji passed away in the village Daroli and the other two died in Shri Kiratpur SahIb.Two years detention in the Fort of Gwalior.

Prithi Chand and Chandu were joined by Kazi Rustam Khan whose daughter, Kaulan was first the follower of Saint Mian Mir but later she came to Guru Ji’s Darbar. She knew ‘Shri Sukhmani Sahib by heart. Her father wanted to kill her. She came to Sai Mian Mir for help. He sent her to Guru Ji. Kaulsar was dug up in her memory in Amritsar. All these opponents of the Guru alongwith the Governor of Lahore, complained to Emperor Jahangir saying “Guru maintains an army, he goes on hunting and has named his seat as Akal Takhat He wants to take revenge of his father. He calls hims If the true king. The days are not far off when he will rise against the Moghul Empire.”

On the basis of these reports Jahangir sent Wazir Khan and Guncha Beg to Amritsar and ordered them to bring Guru Ji to Delhi. Guru Ji handed over all the responsibilities to his important followers and got ready to go to Delhi. He reached Tilla Majnu Delhi via Shri Taran Taran Sahib, Goindwal and Malwa in 1673 B. K. Jahangir had talks with Guru Ji. He asked many religious questions. Guru Ji satisfied the emperor by his replies. Jahangir went to Agra alongwith Guru Ji. Guru Ji hunted a lion. There a grasscutter, a follower of Guru Ji, came and without caring for the Emperor, he went to the tent of Guru Ji direct. He presented two paisa and requested Guru Ji to save him from the cycle of death and birth. Guru Ji blessed him. Jahangir was surprised to know the chrismatic attraction which the Guru had. He felt afraid and detained him in the fort of Gwalior where many Rajas were already detained. These Rajas showed great respect for the Guru. Guru Ji was freed by the advice of Sai Mian Mir Ji. When Wazir Khan ordered to set him free, Guru Ji informed all the 52 prisoned Rajas should also be freed. Jahangir again ordered that as many prisoners as could catch the, dress of Guru Ji should go out. Guru Ji dressed himself with 50 edged shirts. Fifty of the prisoners caught one corner each and the remainining two caught hold of Guru Ji’s hands. (This dress is present now at Ghurani Kalan). After this incident Guru Ji was called the saviour of prisoners.

Diwali was celebrated in Amritsar on the arrival of the Guru Ji. It is said that Guru Ji remained in the prison for 42 days. Jahangir handed over Chandu to Guru Ji and he was killed in Lahore Bazar by Gurditta the water carrier. This same man poured the hot sand over the fifth Guru Ji under the order of Chandu.

Guru Ji got the following places built:
1. Shri Akal Takhat Sahib.
2. Loh Garh fort.
3. Kaulsar.
4. Bibeksar.
5. Shri Kiratpur Sahib. (Foundation stone was laid by Gurditta Ji)
6. Meharaj.
7. Dera Sahib Lahore.
8. A Masque in Hargobindpura.

Guru Ji preached among the people of Punjab (Hills and Majha Malwa regions), Kashmir and U. P. Baba Gurditta Ji passed away in Samat 1685 at Shri Kiratpur Sahib.Once Guruji went to see Baba Shri Chand Ji. Baba Ji said “How many sons have you?” Guruji said “t have five sons by the grace of God.” Baba Gurditta was offered according to the wishes of Baba Siri Chand. The place has a Gurdwara Jind Wari where a dead cow was brought to life. Baba Atal Ji had brought a dead boy to life in Amritsar, where a nine storyed building is standing near Kaulsar in his memory.The poor people are served with food and water freely. Ani Rai Ji also passed away in Kiratpur Sahib.Suraj Mal was of worldly nature.

Guru Teg Bahadur Ji was practising meditation for the horrible future. Guru ji installed Guru Har Rai Ji, the son of Baba Gurditta Ji by offering five paise and a cocnut.The cermonye was performed by Bhai Bhana Ji, the son of Baba Buddha Ji. Guru Ji left for his heavenly abode on Chait 5, Samat 1701 at Shri Kiratpur Sahib Patal Puri. At that time two disciples named Raja Ram Partap Singh Rajput and Shiv Singh also jumped into the fire and were burnt alive to ashes.

Sixth Guru Ji preached ”Gurmantar” and ”Mool Mantra”to their followers:-
1. Baba Buddha Ji remained with first six Gurus.

2. Bhai Gurdass Ji passed away in Shri Goindwal Sahib.

3. Bhai Gopala Ji recited “Japu Ji” and got a horse from Guru Ji.

4. Mata Sulalkhani of village Chabha was blessed witb seven sons by Guru Ji.

5. Bhai Bidhi Chand Ji in the disguise of a grasscutter and astrologer got two horses named Dilbag and Gulbag from the Governor of Lahore and that was the main cause of battle of Gurusar.

6. Bhai Sadhu and Rupa offered cold water to Guru Ji at village Rupa.

7. Mata Bhag Bhari or Kashmir offered a shirt to Guru Ji.

8. Shri Samrath Ram Dass Ji the Guru of Shiva Ji Marhatta, came to see Guru Ji being omniscient. Guru Ji said to him, “Baba Nanak did not leave the wolld but the money. Our weapons are to save the poor and to crush the cruel.”

9. Guru Ji said to Pir Shah Daula & his followers-Jahangir in Gujrat “the woman makes the character of a man, the son is the memory of a man. The money is the necessity of life. A fakir treats, all alike.”

10. Mohan & Rup Chand of village Marri Bhai Bhalan Ji, Bhai Mohri Ji, Bhai Singha Ji.

Musican Bhai Bhana Ji, Bhai Sobha Ji, Mohan Ji, Sadhu Ram, Jaitu Kalyana, Pi raga, Tota Ji, Mathura Ji, Nanu Ji, Persu Ji, Saktu Ji, Bhama Ji, Gajjan Ji, Rana Partap Singh Ji, Rai Jiva Ji, Bhai Tara Chand, Bakhat Mal, Bhai Karori Mal Ji, Bhagmal, Bhai Sadh, Joitha Ji Jattimal Ji, Rai Jodhi Ji, Hassan Khan, a spy of Moghul Emperor Shah Jahan, in the battle of Gurusar, Lakhu Amia, Koshali. Chur,Bhai Sai Dass & his Wife Ramo of village Daroli, the relative of Guru Ji, Bhai Taloka Ji and Bhai Kahtaru Ji of Kabul. Bhai Sai Dass Ji the son of Mata Bhagbhari of Shri Nagar, Katu Shah, Bhai Jhanda, Bhai Garhia Ji. Biran Dutt, Hargobind of village Bhai Ka Matu came to see Guru ji & Guru Ji told him, “Smoking is prohibited.” Pir Buddan Shah, Pir Kavani Fazil Irani, Hassan Ali. Sundar Shah of Shri Kiratpur Shaib, Khanaja Roshan Shah Kashmiri, Sayyad Jani Bhai Javinda of village Sadhar (Distt. Ludhiana), Bhai Langha, Bhai Chaju, Peelu, Sobhagir, Sai Mian Mir, Shah Hussain, Jan Mohd. Amirkhan, Attaulla, Baba Gavinda of Hurmachi Mahalla, Bhai Banka Shah of Almi Darvaja, Sahib Swami Jagga of Gumti Mahalla. Dilla Ram, Bhai Bhupa, Nathu Mal of Morri Darvaja, Kahna Bhagat, Baba Malaira, Shah Anait Kadri, Shah Mohd, Goash, Sheikh Abdullah, Sai Dass Baragi, Bhairo Nath, Mata Rajo & Dharmo, Bhai Mehra, Jamal Khan, Bhago, Bhai Lakha, Chanda, Badhaga, of Lahore, Raja Tara Chand, Kalu Nath of village Nathana.The followers of Shri Nava Kana Sahib and village Narali (Distt. Rawalpindi in Pakistan).

Some opponents of the Guru Ji :- Shah Jahan Moghul Emperor in Amritsar Mukhlaskhan, Maula Bakhash son of Kazi Rustam Khan, Kutab Din, Mirza Jaffer, Jafer Jang, Bahadur Khan, Kalander Khan, Mirza Tahar Beg, Kala Khan, Shamas Khan, Ramzon, Ali Mohd Khan Rattan Chand son of Bhagwan Dass Gharar who was Revenue Collector of Govindpura, Abdulla Khan the Governor of Jullundur, Lal Chand brother of Chandu and Karam Chand son of Chandu, in the battle of Gobindpura. Asmad Khan, Kasam Beg of the Governor of Lahore, Karra Bhullar, Jaid Pirana, Lal and Baghalia in the battle of Guru Sar Mehraj, Khabili Bag, Kamar Bag, Lala Beg in the battle of Guru Sar Mehraj, disloyal Painda Khan Pathan, Usman Khan Kala Khan & Dirmal in the battle of Kartarpur.Some Pathans of Phagwara in the battle of Palahi Sahib, Kutab Khan the Pathan of Ropar, etc.