Life Sketch Of The Third Guru

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Guru Amar Dass Ji was the third Guru on Guru Nanak’s Gaddi. He Was born on Baisakh Sudi 14 Samat 1526 in the Village Basarke in the modern district of Amritsar. His father’s name was Tej Bhan and mother’s name was Lachhmi ji. Shri Tej Bhan Bhalla was a shopkeeper. The young Amar Dass following the same profession used to go from village to village on horse back and sell the necessities of life, such as wheat, gram, vegetables, etc. He was married to Bibi Ram Kaur ji of village Sankhatra now in district Amritsar. Two sons named Mohri and Mohan and two daughters named Bibi Dani ji and Bibi Bhani ji, were born to him. Once he met Pandit Durga in the village Mehra and seeing the lines on the feet he said,”You will be a great man some day and people will worship you.” He went on pilgrimage to the Ganga on foot twentyone times.

Once a Brahamchari Pandit met him. He offered food to that Pandit. Pandit ji did not take that food and said, “You have no Guru. Our religion forbids to take food from a person who is without a Guru.” Hearing this Amardass ji was impressed. There is a Gurdwara in Kankhal (Hardwar) in the memory of Guru ji. Bibi Amro, the daughter of Shri Guru Angad Dev ji, who was married to a nephew of Amar Dass ji was reciting Gurbani. Amar Dass ji heared it and asked her to take him to Shri Khadur Sahib to the presence of her father. Amar Dass ji did not care for the people and left his ego and served Guru Angad Dev ji selflessly for twelve years. Amar Dass ji fetched water from river Bias and bathed Shri Guru Angad Dev ji every morning.He used to sweep the floor clean,the utensils and prepared the food for the Sangat day and night.He accepted all those things which he found from Guru Darbar by the grace of Guru Ji.He was very old.

One day he was bringing water from the river Bias. He was tested by Almighty God.One winter night, when weather was very inclement due to rain and storm, Amar Dass ji was returning from the river with the water pot on his head. Due to darkness, he could not keep to the usual path and fell in the handloom pit of a weaver. Though himself hurt, he kept the pitcher intact. The thud of his fall was heared by the weaver couple, who were sleeping in their hut nearby and the weaver’s wife remarked, ”It must be that homeless Amroo who is doing odd jobs for the Guru just to fill his belly.” Amar Dass ji was late which was quite unusal for him. When the Guru politely asked the reason for this delay, Amar Dass ji related the whole incident. While crossing the loom Guru ji did not allow water in the pitcher to flow out of it. It had made place in Guru’s mind. After taking the bath the Omniscient Guru ji called in the weaver and his WIfe who had gone mad because Amar Dass had called her ‘mad’ just inadvertantly. The weaver and his wife were pardoned. Guru Angad Dev Ji’s joy knew no bounds and he praised the selfless service of Amar Dass Ji. Twenty one bIessings were given to Amar Dass. Amar Dass was installed on Guru Gaddi on Chait Sudi 1 Samat 1609. Guru Angad Dev Ji declared that there was no difference between him and Amar Dass, the light of Guru Nanak was passed on to Guru Amar Dass.

Guru ji accepted the request of Goinda Khatri and built Shri Goindwal Sahib. Shri Bauli Sahib, which has 84 stair steps was also dug up. Guru Amar Dass announced that any Sikh who recited Jap for 84 times, one on each step, can get release from the circle of birth and death. Guru Ji offered five paise and a coconut. The Ceremoney of Gurgaddi was performed by Baba Buddha Ji. Guru Ji started celebration of Baisaki festival, at the request of Bhai Parojulka. Guru Ji appointed 22 Manjis (Preachers) and 52 women for preaching, at different places in India.

Guru Ji sent Ram Dass Ji to Shri Amritsar Sahib. Fifty two workers were settled there at ‘Guru Ki Nagri’. Amritsar is a very famous city in the history of Punjab. All kinds of dishes were distributed in Guru Ka Langer (kitchen) daily. The storage of food was prohibited by Guru Ji. All pots of foods and vegetables, etc. were emptied daily in the evening. Akbar was much pleased to see such indifference towards worldly things and allotted 84 villages to Bibi Bhani Ji. The emperor had come for “Darshan” of the Guru Ji. He was informed that any body who came to see Guru, mus: take meals in “Guru Ka Langar.”

It was the order of Guru Ji. Akbar had to obey this order. Goinda’s son was a mischievous person.He illtreated the Guru with the help of some Pandits and Muslims. He considered himself the owner of Shri Goindwal Sahib. He appealed against Guru Ji before the the Emperor. He was disgraced there and returned home shamefully. Guru Angad Dev Ji’s son Datu kicked Guru ji due to jealousy. Guru ji held his feet in humility.He felt ashamed and went back repenting. Guru Ji went to Gurdwara “Sanh Sahib” and stayed there for sometime.Baba Buddha Ji and other followers brought him back.“Sanh” is an important place forgetting rid of worldly temptations.

Mohri, the son of Guru ji was a money-minded man. By the order of Guru Ji, a sikh offered one lakh pennies to Mohri. He counted the money and his hands became black. In the evening Guru Ji asked him why his hands were black. He told that he was counting the money Guru Ji advised him to cultivate love for God instead of greed for money. Guru Ji arranged the marriages of Malho, Morri and Sachan Sach ignoring caste restrictions. Guru Ji selected a simple man Rama for Bibi Dani Ji and orphan Ram Das for Bibi Bhani Ji. Guru Ji preached against the system of Satti and Pardah. Once Raja of Haripur and his Rani came to see Guru Ji. Guru Ji advised Rani not to cover her face in Sangat. Guru Ji advised people to recite Gurbani at the time of death. Guru Ji said to Prithi Mall and Tulsa not to feel proud of their caste, all men are equal. Guru Ji was the preacher of equality.

A greedy Tappa did not go himself at the time of the ceremony of Bauli Sahib but he sent his son to get the amount of one rupee. Unfortunately he fell down from the wall and his leg was broken.Guru Ji built a platform, with a peg in the wall adjoining to it, and he used to worship God by holding the peg every night. Gurdwara Havailisahib exists there in memory of this worship. Guru Ji impressed upon the people not to feel shaken and confused in old age. His own selfless service was an example of this.
Once the Sikhs complained to Guru Ji that Muslims often teased them. They broke their pitchers filled with water with their arrows. Guru Ji advised them to remain patient and that God would take the revenge for wrongs done to them.

Bhai Lalo of village Dalla was deputed for the cure of Taiea fever. One day while Guru Ji was in meditation, in a trance Guru Ji heared the cries of a woman. Balu sevadar was ordered to enquire about the matter. He informed that the only son of the woman had died. Guru Ji was very kind hearted. He prayed, “As long as I live in Shri Goindwal Sahib” no mother should face the death of her son. Guru Ji was against ‘Manmat’ and emphaized on the worship of God. At the time of baptism Guru Sahib’s. Gurbani ‘Anand Sahib’ is also read among five Banies. Some Muslim Faqirs appeared before Guru Sahib. They requested, “you have become too old and achieved your purpose. It is, therefore, requested not to exert your-self in devotion,” Guru Sahib quoted example of a poor man, who was digging a hillock to have some money.“Bhalle Amar Das Gun tere, teri Upma Tohi ban avai” Savaia Mohalla Teeja Ka” (Adi Shri Guru Granth Sahib).

While digging he got a jewel. But after getting this precious stone he continued its digging. That example gives us a lesson that as long as we are in this world we should continue the good deeds and these can only be done if we are devotees. There is a proverb, ‘as you sow so shall you reap’. This is exactly what Guru sahib emphasized. Guru Ji left for his heavenly abode on Bhadon Sudi 15, Samat 1631 in Shri Goindwal Sahib and Installed Ram Dass Ji as the fourth Guru.

Life Sketch Of Shri Guru Angad Dev Ji

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After Guru Nanak Dev ji, Guru Angad Dev who was one of the best disciples was selected by Guru Nanak Dev Ji as the Second Guru known as Shri Guru Angad Dev Ji. He was born in (Matte Di Sarai) (Nagedi Sarai) Distt. Ferozepur on Baisakh Sudi I, Samat 1561. His father’s name was Shri Pheru Mal ji and Mother’s name was Mata Sabhrai Ji. His paternal name was Lehna. He was a worshipper of the goddess. His first meeting with Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji took place in Shri Kartarpur Sahib in Samat 1589 while Guru Nanak Dev Ji was in fields, Lehna came on horseback.At the first meeting Guru Ji told him that he had come at proper time to give and take. From this, it was quite clear that he would be the second Guru.At Shri Khadur Sahib Bhai Jodh was living.One day while he was reciting prayer,Lehna was very much attracted on hearing Gurbani.This attraction reached to such a state that he became impatient for the Darshan of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.Among his sons and disciples,he (Lehna) proved to be the most obedient in every respect.Twelve tests are generally known.

Few of them are as below :-
1. Guru Sahib told Smt. Sulkhani that particle of clay on the clothes of Lehna be considered as spray of saffron.

2. To bring one and a quarter mounds of salt.

3. To bring pools of grass from the fields of Shri Kartarpur Sahib.

4. To carefully maintain the clothes of Guru Ji while Guru Ji was busy in taking bath in Ravi.

5. To wash the clothes of Guru Ji in the middle of the night.

6. To take out a cup from the dirty pool.

7. To throw a dead mouse from Gurdwara.

8. To prepare a wall of Gurdwara Kartarpur in rain.

9. Lehna was surprised to see that even the goddess was brooming in the Gurdwara.

10. In the last test Guru Ji adopted a horrible face but Bhai Lehna recognised Guru Ji.

In the year 1596 Assu Vadi 5 Bhai Lehna was declared as The “Second Guru” at Shri Kartarpur Sahib and this ceremony of deputing Shri Lehna Ji was celebrated at Shri Kartarpur Sahib.In Shri Khadur Sahib Lehna Ji remained alone in one room in the house of Mai Bharaiee and told her not to leak out any information regarding himself. Baba Buddha Ji requested to take charge of Gur Gaddi. Guru Angad Dev ji used to take dry loaf of bread. He often shed tears of love in the seperation of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and remained in trance with “Wahguru”. Guru ji got Janam Sakhi of Bhai Bala dictated from Paira Mokha. Guru Ji kept Gurbani, History and other literature in safe custody.

At Shri Khadur Sahib the following places are famous :-
1. Gurdwara Tapina Sahib.
2. Damdama Sahib.
3. Mull Akhara.
4. Gur Asthian.
5. Painti Akhri Parchalat.
6. Jooh Khan Rajada
Bani of Shri Guru Angad Dev Ji is also in the Adi Guru Granth Sahib which indicates the prayer of the holy God. Guru ji maintained the system of “Guru Ka Langer”. Mata Kheevi Ji of Sangarash Khadur used to provide kheer in the Langer and serve it to the wrestlers of the Mull-Akhrra. Guru Ji had two sons, Datu & Dasu, and two daughters Bibi Amro and Anokhi. Guru Sahib though a family man devoted most of his time in prayer and giving instruction to the Sangat that there is only one God, that is “Wahiguru”, whose name is true and creater of all, fearless, without enmity, unborn self-illuminated. Before he left this world on Chait Sudi 14, Samat, he deputed Guru Amar Dass Ji known as Third Guru of Sikhs by placing a coconut and five paise, bowed himself. From that period “Japuji” and ‘Asa Di Var’ are being recited daily. Only lucky persons paid visit to this holy place i. e. Khadur Sahib. His main preaching about Sikhism was to accept Will of God.

The following are the disciples of Guru ji who got his blessings :- Bhai Amar Dass Ji, Mai Bharaiee, Gorakh, Nath Jogi, King Hamayun, Malooka Drunkard, Chodhary Bakhtawawr Mall, Bhai Mehna;• Bhai Jiva and his daughter named Jivairee, Bhai Parra Julka, Dhinga, etc.
1. Shiv Nath Jogi Tappa was jealous of Guru Ji. He conspired with the people of Khadur Sahib. Guru Ji was turned out and he went to Jooh Khan Rajada. Amar Dass came and Punished Tapa. Thus Guru ji came back to Shri Khadur Sahib.

2. Hamayun went to seek Guru Ji’s blessing. At that time Guru ji was in trance. Hamayun thought that Guru ji had not shown proper respect. He put his hand on the hilt of sword. Guru Ji opened his eyes and asked where his sword was before Sher Shah Suri. He felt ashamed and bowed before Guru ji.

3. Bhai Jiva lived 5 Kilometres from Shri Khadur Sahib. He used to prepare rice for Guru ji. After his death his daughter Jiwaiee continued the service. One day a storm arose. She prayed God to stop blowing that storm so that she might be able to send that food to Guru ji. Her prayer was accepted and she went to Guru ji and Guru ji refused to accept it and said “it is against the will of God and advised her to live under the will of God and accept what ever He does. Whatever he does is for the better. Even this trorm is the cause of food of so many reptiles.”

Life Sketch Of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji

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Guru Nanak Dev Ji was the first Guru of the Sikhs. He was born in Ray Bhoi Ki Tailwindi on Baisakh 3, Samat 1526 (1469 year as per our calender) in District Shaikhupura. His father’s name was Mehta Kalu who was a Patwari of Rai Bolar. Rai Bolar was a true disciple of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. He became disciple when he two miracles of Guru Nanak. Firstly, the Miracle of snake.Secondly, the land spoiled by the cattle turning green again.Guru Ji’s Mother’s name was Mata Tripta.At the time of birth, the nurse Daulta saw a glittering light in the room.Sister Bibi Nanaki loved him very much.Guru Ji’s birth place is now known as Shri Nankana Sahib.

The following Gurdwaras are located in Siri Nankana Sahib: Bal Lila, Patti Sahib (Where Gopal Panda listened the Patti Bani and this made him the true follower of Guru Sahib. A Gurdwara is also built in the memory of Guru Sahib where Rai Bolar saw snake shading his face from sun. Kayara Sahib! This is place where no damage was done to the farm as complained by the farmer to Rai Bolar. He also became the disciple of Guru Sahib. Pandit Hardial who was an astrologer said to Kalu Ji, that his son Nanak would be the prophet in Kalyug and that proved perfectly correct. Mehta Kalu became very upset, when he saw Nanak is great distress eating nothing. “Neither he took any food nor talked with anyone.” He called Har Dass Vaid for feeling the pulse of Guru Nanak, who could not trace any disease. At last Guru Ji told him, “ You cannot cure me.” Vaid felt that Nanak will cure the whole world giving them “Nam”. In another function which is very famous among the Hindus, “putting on Janeu”, the whole family, uncle Laloo, Father Kalu and all other Bedis gathered to celebrate that function, but to their surprise Guru Nanak refused to wear the Janeu. Guru Ji told all of them to but a real Janeu which contains Mercy, contentment and truth, etc.

In those days some people used to address Guru Ji as “Korahia” Guru Ji’s mother-in law was Bibi Chando and the name of Guru Ji’s wife was Mata Sulakhani Ji. Guru Ji had two soas named Baba Siri Chand Ji and Lakhmi Dass. After some time Guru Ji went to his sister Bibi Nanaki, where Bhaya Jai Ram Ji got him appointed in the Modi Khana of Daulat Khan Lodhi in Sultanpur Lodhi. He started his work of distributing the store articles by saying ‘Tera Tera’; everyone came to take his requirements.

The following Gurdwaras are in the memory of Guru Sahib:-
(1) Hutt Sahib
(2) Kothi Sahib
(3) Bair Sahib.

omeone reported to Nawab Daulat Khan Lodhi that Guru Sahib was distributing all the things without considering their price ,and sometime distributed free to deserving persons saying “Tera” and there was every possibility that the store would suffer in loss. When the account was submitted to Daulat Khan Lodhi, instead of loss it showed profit. Daulat Khan Lodhi requested him to continue his service but Guru Sahib refused to continue. Bhai Mardana also remained with Guru Ji.

One day Guru Sahib went to have a bath in the “Vaieen Nadi” leaving a sarvant on the bank of the Nadi. The Servant waited for two hours, but Guru Sahib did not come back. He went to Bibi Nanaki and Bibi Sulakhani in search of Guru Sahib but was greatly disappointed not finding him there. For three days, Guru Nanak Sahib disappeared from the Nadi to “Sach Khand”. After three days Garu Sahib reappeared from the Nadi: Jhaji Gurdwara ‘Sant Ghat’ is known in his memory. Here Guru Sahib announced ‘there is neither Hindu nor-Muslim.’When Guru Sahib spoke these words, the’ Maulana requested him to attend Nimaz along with him. Guru Ji agreed and went to the mosque. When all of them started praying Guru Ji stood there silently. When they finished the prayer, Maulana asked him why did he not join the prayer? At this Guru Sahib told him that he was not praying but thinking about the colt that might fall down. When Daulat Khan Lodhi asked why has not he joined him? Then Guru Sahib told him that he was also busy in buying horses in Kabul. Gurdwara ‘Anter-Yamta’ celebrates this incident. In Sach Khand Guru Ji was given a Cup of Amrit and was bestowed that he will be Gur-Parmaisher and I will be remembered as Sat Parmaisher. Guru Ji got “Nam” and “Garibi” from God. God is one, truth, creator, fearless, without enmity unborn, self, illuminated and kind. This is Mool the Mantra of Sikh Dharma.

Bibi Nanaki loved Guru Sahib very much. While Guru Sahib was making tour all around the world, Bibi Nanki remembered Guru Sahib four times and every time Guru Sahib appeared before her. In travelling whenever Bhai Mardana felt disturbed and did not like to continue, Guru ji advised him to trust in God which is the only source of contentment. It is advisable not to seek help from people. See how the nature acts.

Guru Sahib’s First Journey:- From Sultanpur Lodhi Guru Sahib along with Bhai Mardana and Bhai Bala went to the East side from Samat 1554 to 1566. Guru Ji wore brown Chola. They reached Amnabad known as Saidpur. Here they stayed with Bhai Lalo a carpenter. It was announced by Malik Bhago that all saints residing near about, should join the Brahm Bhoj. All Jogis, Sanyasis went there but Guru Sahib did not go. This made Malik Bhago a bit annoyed. He sent messengers to bring him by force. Guru Sahib went there along with Malik Bhago. When they reached there, they Were asked to join in the Brahm Bhoj. Guru sahib took some portion of the Brahm Bhoj in one of his hands and Bhai Lalo’s bread in the other hand. By squeezing; it was noticed by the public that blood was coming from the Braham Bhoj and milk from the bread. There Guru Ji stayed for about 25 days. There Guru Ji wrote about the invasion of Babar. In the memory of Guru Ji, there are two famous Gurdwaras named Poori Sahib and Bhai Lalo’s house. Then Guru ji started towards Tolaba Distt. Multan. Guru ji met Sajjan Tag and brought him on the right path. There a ‘Dharamsala was built. The Peers of Multan came to Guru Sahib with a cup filled with milk. Guru ji put a Chambeli flower in it indicating that he was not going to stay there permanently.Then Guru Sahib started towards Kurukshetra.There was much gathering due to sun Eclipse. There Guru ji met Nanu Pandit. There Guru Sahib read some verses regarding meat.Guru ji met Sheikh Tahar at Panipat (Karnal) and satisfied him regarding ‘Fakiri’. Then Guru Sahib went to Delhi and met King Abrahim Lodhi. Here he advised him to have justice and pity on the poor. Here two Gurdwaras Paio Sahib aud Tilla Majnoo stand in memory of Guru Sahib. From here Guru ji reached Hardwar. Then they started towards river Ganges, the holy place of Hindus. Here they saw Pandit and other people throwing water towards the Sun. Guru Sahib started throwing water to the opposite side. When the people enquired, in reply Guru Sahib said that he was throwing water towards his land Kartarpur, at (Punjab). People were amused to hear these words and said it was not possible. In reply Guru ji asked how was it possible to send the water to he Sun when his place Kartarpur was nearer as compared with the Sun. On hearing this, they also became the followers Guru ji.

From Moradabad Guru Ji reached gorakh Matta.As Guru ji was against miracles, so they became the followers of Guru Sahib, Now, that place is known as Nanak Matta. At some distance another .Gurdwara is there in the memory of Guru Sahib known as Reetha Sahib. Then they reached Mathura, Vrindaban and preached to the preachers of those Temples. In Banaras Guru Sahib told the Pandits what the ‘Nam’ was. In Patna Sahib Salis Rai Johri and his servant (Adhraka) became the followers of Guru Ji. In Gaya, Guru Sahib removed the misunderstandings regarding ‘Pitter Gatti’. The Raja of Chittagang also became the follower of Guru Sahib. In Jagan Nath Puri, Guru Sahib explained what the true Arti was? In Assam (Kam-Rup) Nurshah Jadoogarni became the follower of Guru Ji alongwith her companions. Here with the help of a miracle, Bhai Mardana was turned as Iamb (Meeda) and with the help of Guru Ji, he was again brought back to the normal position. In Katik the worshippers of Bhairo became the followers of Guru Sahib. In Agra to Mata Jassi Guru Sahib gave description of ‘Nam’. In Rohail Khand Guru ji got the slaves free. In Lahore Ouru Sahib preached about ‘Saradh’ uttered 15 verses of “Asa Di Var” and Dunichand became the follower of Guru ji. In Pak-Pattan Guru ji uttered 9 verses of Asa Di Var to Shaikh Braham. In Dipal Pur a leopard was recovered. In Shri Kiratpur Sahib Pir Budan Shah presented a jag of milk to Guru ji which Guru Sahib said that he would drink when he would come again as sixth Guru. In Sialkot the misunderstandings of Pir Hamiza Ghos were removed, “there is only one God. In Pakho-ka-Randhawa, the house of his father-in-law, on the bank of Ravi at the request of Bhai Doda and Karovia this place was named as Shri Kartarpur Sahib and Guru Sahib with his family settled here.

Guru Sahib’s Second Journey:- He started his second journey in the year 1567 Bikrami toward South. Bhai Saido and Sheehan were alongwith Guru ji.They started from Shri Kartarpar Sahib towards Sultanpur Lodhi. Then from Sultanpur Lodhi, they reached Bhatinda and Hanumangarh. Guru ji then reached Sirsa. Here they met Abdul Shakur and Pir Bahawal-Hak. There Sahaj Yog was taught to them by Guru Sahib. Then they proceeded towards Bindiachal. They met ‘Kauda Rakish’ while they were crossing a thick jungle, Koda was advised to adopt true path. In this memory Gurdwara Jabal Pur is situated. From here they went towards Singla Deep. Here Raja Shivnabh came to see Guru ji. A Dharamsala was built to commemorate the visit. In Kajli forest Bharthari Jogi was preached how to adopt the true path. To Siddhjogis Guru ji preached about the family life and true path and here Guru ji conversed with them to love God and their fellowbeings. To the Western side of Malabar Sea, Gujarat, Bombay via Sindh they reached Bahawalpur and met Uch Da Pir residing there. There Guru ji advised them that the wealth is perishable and God is eternal. In the memory of Guru Sahib there are also two Gurdwaras at Manikaran in Kulu State and Jhaira Sahib in Bihar State.

Guru Sahib’s Third Journey:- Guru Sahib started histowards the North in the year 1571 Bikrami Samat. Bhai Sheehan and Hasu were accompanying the Guru. From Siri Kartarpur Sahib they reached Mattan Sahib via Jammu. From here they reached Sumer Parbat. Here they met a group of Sadhus. They enquired what power brought them there? Guru Sahib told them that they reached there with the help of Almighty God. They enquired about the true path and the condition of the country. Guru ji told them that we believe in Truth and the condition of the Country is pitiable and Rajas had adopted a wrong path and no justice was being done there. Siddh told Guru ji to show some miracles. Guru Sahib replied that we did not believe in miracles. The only miracle for him was prayer to God. Siddhs showed some miracles but to no effect and they became disciples.

Guru Sahib’s Fourth Journey:- Now Guru Sahib started the along with Bhai Bala and Bhai Mardana towards the West in the year 1571 Bikrami Samat. The dress of Guru Sahib was dark blue. From Shri Kartarpur Sahib they reached Sialkot and were informed about the death of Moola Khatri. Guru Sahib gave two paise to Bhai Mardana Rababi to bring falsehood and truth. He went to Moola Khatri who wrote on a piece of paper that to die is true while living is false.

In Katas Raj Guru ji met Jogis at the festival of Baisahi. There Guru ji preached them about the true and false love. Guru Sahib went to tilla Bal Gondai in Rohtas and met him. His diet was very simple which pleased Guru ji very much. Guru ji then reached Mecca. Guru ji lay down to take some rest. The direction of the legs was towards Mecca. Jiwan whose duty was to take care of this holy place, saw Guru Sahib lying with his legs towards Mecca. Jiwan asked Guru ji why was he lying in this position. In reply Guru Sahib told that he was feeling tired so he did it.Jiwan when asked about the direction of the legs. Guru Ji told him to move his legs where there was no God. Jiwan was surprised to see that Mecca also rotated according to the direction of legs.To Kazi Rukan Din Guru Sahib presented his Kharhavan which are still lying with the family of Kazi Rukan Din (Varan of Bhai Gurdas proves above). From here they reached Madina, Bagdad Kanddhar and kabul. Then came to Shri Panja Sahib. The name of this place was known as Hassan Abdal in Disrict Camel pur (pakistan). A Fakir Vali Kandhari was living at the top of the hillock. These were a tank of water in his possession.

Bhai Mardana Rahabi went twice to him to quench his thirst but every time Vali Kandhari refused to give even a drop of water. Bhai Mardana Rababi came to Baba Nanak Ji and told him all that had happened there. Guru ji was sitting under that hillock. He slightly removed the stone, which was lying there. Bhai Mardana Rababi was greatly surprised to see the constant flow of water from there. He quenched his thrist, but Vali Kandhari was greatly surprised to see that the whole water from his tank had gone. This made him very angry. A big stone was pushed by him with the intention that it will fall on them and they will be crushed, but to his great surprise Guru Sahib stopped that big stone with a hand with the result that the impression of his hand is still there. Vali Kandhari was very much impressed with this and became a follower of Guru Ji the writer has also visited Shri Panja Sahib West Pakistan Guru Ji met Baber and asked him why to beg from a human being when God was at his back.

“Naseehat Nama” was tought to king Karoon. In Achal Batala Guru Ji preached the Siddhas about Japuji & Siddh Goshat. Kalyug’ appeared before Guru Ji. Guru Ji preached him all about ‘Sat nam’. Baba Nanak Ji travelled all around the four directions and preached the people about ‘Sat Nam’. Guru ji presented a Cocoanut with five paise and bowed before Bhai Lehna Ji (Shri Gum Angad Dev Ji, and told the public that after his expiry he will consIdered as second Guru. Guru Sahib left for Heavenly abods on Vadi 10, Samat 1596 at Shri Kartarpur Sahib. In Dera Baba Nanak a cloak or garment and other things in the memory of Guru Nanak Dev ji are lying there. It is said that at the time of leaving the world Guru Sahib covered his face with a piece of cloth. The struggle arose between Hindus and Muslims. Each saying that he was their Pir or Guru. When the cloth was removed they were surprised to see that nothing was found there. So the cloth was torn into two pieces. One piece was taken by Muslims for the burial purpose the remaing half was burnt by Hindus.

The names of some of the Guru Sahib followers are as follows :-
Shahsohegan, Bhumia Choar, Jhanda Badi, Aliyar, Bbai Sadharan, Ajitta Randhawa, Ubara Khan, Braham Dass, Chattar Dass, Kamala, Chaiten Dass, Taru, Abdul Rahman Bhai Lalo, Bhai Bala, Bhai Mardana, Baba Buddhaji.

To his disciples and other sangat he advised them the follow-
1. Remember Gurmantra Wahi Guru’ and Mool Mantra. God is one, Truth creator, fearless without enmity, unborn, self illuminated, gracious.

2. To be an honest worker.

3. To show mercy towards the poor. The Sikhs believe in the Guru from Guru Nanak Dev ji to Guru Gobind Singh ji. Guru Gobind Singh ji instructed his panth to follow Shri Guru Granth Sahib and take it as the eleveth Guru. He advised the Sikhs not to believe in anyone who takes birth and dies.

Bhai Mani Singh

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He was taken to Lahore in chains. There he was condemned to death by tortures. He was told that he could save his life by embracing Islam. He stoutly and resolutely refused to give up his religion. Orders were given that his body should be cut to pieces, limb by limb. As the executioner started his work, Bhai Mani Singh sat calm and serene. He was absorbed in meditating on God and repeating the Guru’s word.

Bhai Mani Singh was martyred about one month after the day on which Diwali festival was to have held in 1738. His Sahid Ganj is outside the Masti Gat of Lahore, and near the Lahore fort.
Bhai Mani Singh

Shaheeds of 1978

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Shaheeds of 1978

Sant Speech

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Sant Speech

Shaheed Bhai Sati Das ji

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Bhai Sati Das Ji was the thirdSikh accompanying Shri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji.Bhai Sahib ji was martyred by wrapping whole of him in cotton, and lighting up the cotton, he was burned alive.
Shaheed Bhai Sati Das ji

Snatam Kaur

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Snatam Kaur

Radiant Khanda

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Radiant Khanda

Darbar Sahib, Sri Amritsar Sahib

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Darbar Sahib, Sri Amritsar Sahib
Darbar Sahib, Sri Amritsar Sahib

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